8 Teardrops Keen 4

8 Teardrops on Keen 4

There are a number of items on Commander Keen that give you points and allow you to get the best possible score out there.

The points that can be accumulated from the various items around the world of Keen is huge and can give you anything from an extra life to the highest score in the game.


  • You get an extra Keen every 20,000 points.
  • For the first three episodes there are no animation to the items.
  • The base points are 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000, never in between.
  • The Gems/Diamonds don't have any animation and only appear form episodes 4-5.
  • The Pizza appears in the first and last game, but have different appearences.
  • In the first three games there is three different types of Toy Bears, Teddy Bear, Stuffed Toy Vorticon and Stuffed Toy Vortininja.
  • The Book in Episode 1 appears to be titled with 'KANT'.
  • The Keg o' Vitalin only has one changing effect on its appearence which can be hard to miss.

Episode 1: Marooned on MarsEdit

Item Name Points Item
Lollipop 100 Pts
Keen 1 Lollypop
Soda 200 Pts
Keen 1 Soda
Pizza 500 Pts
Keen 1 Pizza
Book (Title KANT) 1000pts
Keen 1 Book
Teddy Bear 5000pts
Keen 1 Teddy Bear

Episode 2: The Earth ExplodesEdit

Candy Bar 100pts
Keen 2 Candy Bar
Vorta Cola 200pts
Keen 2 Vorta Cola
Hamburger 500pts
Keen 2 Hamburger
Cake (Chocolate) 1000pts
Keen 2 Cake (Chocolate)
Stuffed Toy Vorticon 5000pts
Keen 2 Stuffed Toy Vorticon

Episode 3: Keen Must DieEdit

Zitto Candy Bar 100pts
Keen 3 Zitto Candy Bar
Diet Vorta Cola 200pts
Keen3 Diet Vorta Cola
Big 'n' Beefy Burger 500pts
Keen 3 Big 'n' Beefy Burger
Cake (Double Chocolate) 1000pts
Keen 3 Cake (Double Chocolate)
Stuffed Toy VortiNinja 5000pts
Keen 3 Stuffed Toy Vortininja
ANKH GOD mode for 10secs
Keen 3 ANKH
The Lost Episode: Keen Dreams
Lolly 100pts
Keen Dreams Lolly
Cookie 200pts
Keen Dreams Cookie
Candy Cane 500pts
Keen Dreams Candy Cane
Chocolate Bar 1000pts
Keen Dreams Chocolate Bar
Lollypop 2000pts
Keen Dreams Lollypop
Cotton Candy 5000pts
Keen Dreams Cotton Candy
Waving Keen Free Keen
Keen Dreams Waving Keen
Key Open Locked Doors
Keen Dreams Key

Episode 4: Secret of the OracleEdit

Shikadi Soda 100pts
Keen 4 Shikadi Soda
Three-Tooth Gum 200pts
Keen 4 Three-Tooth Gum
Shikkers Candy Bar 500pts
Keen 4 Shikkers Candy Bar
Jawbreaker 1000pts
Keen 4 Jawbreaker
Dount 2000pts
Keen 4 Donut
Ice Cream 5000pts
Keen 4 Ice Cream
Lifewater Flask Extra Keen
Keen 4 Lifewater Flask
Teardrop x100=Extra Keen
Keen 4 Teardrop
Gems/Diamonds Open Locked Doors
Keen 4 Gems Diamonds

Episode 5: The Armageddon MachineEdit

Shikadi Candy 100pts
Keen 5 Shikadi Candy
Marshmellow 200pts
Keen5 Marshmellow
Chocolate Milk 500pts
Keen 5 Chocolate Milk
Tart Stix 1000pts
Keen 5 Tart Stix
Sugar Stoopies Cereal 2000pts
Keen 5 Sugar Stoopies Cereal
Bag o' Sugar 5000pts
Keen 5 Bag o' Sugar
Keg o' Vitalin Extra Keen
Keen 5 Keg o' Vitalin
Vitalian, by Vitacorp x100=Extra Keen
Keen 5 Vitalian, by Vitacorp
Gems/Diamonds Open Locked Doors
Keen 5 Gems Diamonds
Keycards Open Security Doors
Keen 5 Keycard

Episode 6: Aliens Ate my Baby SisterEdit

Soda Bottle 100pts
Keen 6 Soda Bottle
Paddle Pop 200pts
Keen 6 Paddle Pop
Chocolate Sundae 500pts
Keen 6 Chocolate Sunday
Big Chocolate Sundae 1000pts
Keen 6 Big Chocolate Sunday
Super Sundae 2000pts
Keen 6 Super Sunday
Pizza 5000pts
Keen 6 Pizza
Queen Viva Extra Keen
Keen 6 Queen Viva
Viva x100=Extra Keen
Keen 6 Viva
Gems/Diamonds Open Locked Doors
Keen 6 Gems Diamonds