King Boobus Tuber

Appears in Keen Dreams
Harms Keen? Yes
Shots to defeat 12 Boobus Bombs

King Boobus Tuber in Keen Dreams

King Boobus Tuber is the final boss in Keen Dreams. He is a giant potato, about ten feet tall with 12 eyes, so he can see in any direction. He is always upset and hates children. He will also put Keen to sleep by touching him.

The in-game help describes him as the following:

Sitting in his Castle atop Mount Tuberest, Boobus Tuber brings kids to Tuberia to be his slaves. Defeat him with Boobus Bombs. Then you can turn off his Dream Machine and rescue all the kids!
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

King Boobus is behind the kidnapping of children when they dream and their use as slave labor in Keen Dreams. He is surprisingly agile, walking at about half Keen's running speed and being able to jump as high as Keen. He will chase Keen around his chamber, jumping or falling to follow Keen. He can only be harmed with Boobus Bombs; 12 bombs are required to bring him down. Once Keen beats him, the game is won; so, the best strategy to eliminate him is to fire as many bombs as possible at him at the start of the level. Flower Power cannot be used in his chamber.